HHV LtdThin film deposition tools for science and industry

HHV LtdThin film deposition tools for science and industry


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Service and maintenance

Even the best equipment needs maintenance and occasional repairs.
At HHV Ltd we can offer routine maintenance of your Scancoat Six, Auto306, Auto500 or TF600 deposition systems. We supply spare parts made to the original manufacturing drawings to ensure that the fit and function retains the quality which was built in to the original equipment.

Maintenance and repairs

We offer planned maintenance or un-scheduled repairs to your system, either by our own engineers or by trained engineers from our local representatives. We use brand new HHV or original manufacturer components to ensure that your system is maintained to the highest standards.

Accessory upgrades

The Auto306 and Auto500 systems were designed on a modular basis using a range of purpose-designed process accessories. Where systems need to be upgraded we can offer brand new process accessories to enhance the capabilities of your system. If you want to add a second resistance source or fit a substrate heater then we can help. We can even supply new FL400 vacuum chambers to replace glass chambers. These items are as-fitted to our brand new systems, and space permitting can be retro-fitted to your older system.

Vacuum controller replacement

There are many hundreds of Auto306 systems in service with the original vacuum controller. These can be readily identified by their green two-line display. Later original and all HHV Auto306 systems have a touch-screen PLC system instead. Since the original controller is no longer supported, HHV now offers a complete PLC upgrade kit. Comprising the touch screen and panel, the PLC itself and complete new relay and interface electronics, plus new Edwards Active vacuum gauges this upgrade can be fitted to your Auto306 to bring it up to as-new specification, meaning it has the potential to last another lifetime. Please contact us for more details

Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer | Thin Film Technology

Vacuum controller upgrade. The old-style Auto306 and Auto500 system controller

Lithography System | Optical Thin Film Coatings

The old electrical tray on an Auto306 system, showing the unsupported model 1706 controller and electrical tray

Advanced Thin Film Technology | Hybrid Micro Circuits

New electrical tray made to current build standards

Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer | Ion Beam Technology

Vacuum controller upgrade with the new touch-screen PLC panel

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