HHV LtdThin film deposition tools for science and industry

HHV LtdThin film deposition tools for science and industry

ID 500 Ultra Vacuum Metal Deposition system

HHV ID 500 Ultra is a fully-featured but compact floor-standing VMD system.The spacious process chamber contains independent sets of evaporation sources for use with gold, zinc or silver. An integrated colour touch screen provides operators with easy operation of the system.

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Fingermarks on knife processed at HHV

The retractable tilting sample holder accommodates sheet evidence using magnets, and smaller evidence such as knives by wire.A large viewing window and LED chamber lighting are provided. An optional chamber camera system allows monitoring of the deposition process. A further option provides remote access connection for service support by HHV.The integrated vacuum system has diffusion pump or cryo pump options.


    Automated VMD process control
    LED lighting and large chamber window
    3 sets of metal evaporation sources
    CE, UKCA approvals
    Retractable and tiltable evidence holder
    Self-contained diffusion or cryo vacuum system
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