Spares and Consumables

Spares and Consumables

Consumable items and original spare parts for your deposition system

At HHV Ltd, we offer a range of process consumables, spare parts and accessories for your coating system.

Our range of process consumables has been specially selected for use with the original E306, Auto306 and Auto500 resistance and electron beam sources.

We also supply spares and consumables for the Edwards / HHV ScanCoat Six bench-top SEM sample coater.

We supply additional or replacement process accessories such as filament holders, substrate heaters and work holders which are made to original Edwards drawings and quality. You can replace worn-out accessories with new ones, or enhance your system by adding extra or alternative sources.HHV Ltd can also provide consumables for older Edwards systems such as S150B, E306, 12E, 19E, E610 – please contact us with your requirements.

Filaments and boats for resistance evaporation sources

Specially selected for use with resistance sources on the Auto306 and Auto500 systems, these sources are also suitable for use with the older E306 and E306A coating systems. 

Note : Dimensions are nominal

TypeDescription A
current (A)
Equivalent to
WA2Tungsten filament75 4.8 25-40-60 100102H01401002Enquiry
WA4 Tungsten filament756 25-40-60100104H01401003Enquiry
WB2 Tungsten basket 75 4.8 12 -40-60 100152H01401022Enquiry
WB6Tungsten basket 75 13 12 -80-100 100156H01401023Enquiry
MC1 Molybdenum dimple boat 48
5 1.5 6 60-70 100201H01401040Enquiry
WC1 Tungsten dimple boat 48
5 1.5 6 70-80 100202-Enquiry
TC1 Tantalum dimple boat 48
5 1.5 6 50-60 100203-Enquiry
MC3 Molybdenum dimple boat 48
9 3 10 100-120 100301H01401041Enquiry
WC3 Tungsten dimple boat 48
9 3 10 140-150 100302-Enquiry
TC3 Tantalum dimple boat 48
9 3 10 100-120 100303-Enquiry
WC4AOAlumina-coated tungsten dimple boat 102
3 13 130 - 140 100501-Enquiry

EB3 electron beam source crucible liners and filaments
These liners are matched to the Edwards / HHV EB3 electron beam source. Available in graphite, molybdenum, boron nitride, intermetallic and aluminium oxide.
We also offer replacement filaments for the EB3 source. The EB3 filament also fits the older Edwards EB1 source.
TypeDescription Part
Equivalent to Edwards numberPrice
4CCGRGraphite liner for EB3 source with 4cc crucible100401E09088030Enquiry
4CCMOMolybdenum liner for EB3 source with 4cc crucible100402E09088031Enquiry
4CCBNBoron nitride liner for EB3 source with 4cc crucible100403-Enquiry
4CCINIntermetallic liner for EB3 source with 4cc crucible100404E09088032Enquiry
4CCAOAluminium oxide liner for EB3 source with 4cc crucible100405-Enquiry
EB3FILFilament for the EB3 source (also fits EB1)100411E03615005Enquiry

Quartz monitor crystals :
High-quality 14mm diameter, 6MHz quartz crystals for use with Edwards FTM5, FTM6 and FTM7 film thickness monitors, plus equipment from Inficon, Sigma, Intellemetrics and other manufacturers.
TypeDescription Part NumberEquivalent to Edwards numberPrice
CRYS0114mm, 6MHz quartz crystal, gold coated300021E08668000Enquiry
CRYS0214mm, 6MHz quartz crystal, silver coated300022-Enquiry

E09028000 : Resistance source

E09039000 : Carbon rod source
Description Price
D15701042Fluoroelastomer gasket Scancoat6Enquiry
E00100202Nitrile gasket Scancoat6Enquiry
E00100234Emitter flanged insulating bushEnquiry
E02512000Domed bell jar kit Enquiry
E02701003Carbon Rod 6.35 X 120mm LongEnquiry
E02703004Cermet Hearth 6 Position EBS Pk5Enquiry
E03300012Insulator BushEnquiry
E03615005Filament For EB1/EB3 Sources Pack Of 10Enquiry
E03615015Magnet For Bent Beam SourceEnquiry
E03615017Liner Intermetallic HearthEnquiry
E03615018Copper Crucible Hearth For Bent Beam sourceEnquiry
E03615021Carbon Hearth Liner For Bent Beam SourceEnquiry
E03619015Filaments 6 Position EBS Pk5Enquiry
E04805011Gasket 12 Viton for E306 / Auto306 chamberEnquiry
E05201000Specimen cooling fingerEnquiry
E06900067Implosion Guard Closed E306AEnquiry
E06900155Implosion Guard Open E306AEnquiry
E06902002Workchamber 12 x 14 E306A Glass CylinderEnquiry
E085080403mm Carbon Rod ShaperEnquiry
E08519011Fixed Collett 6.35mmEnquiry
E08519012Moving Collett 6.35mmEnquiry
E08519013Moving Collett 3mmEnquiry
E08519015Spring Carbon Evaporation SourceEnquiry
E08519018Mica Insulator C Evs Enquiry
E08519022Fixed Collett 3mmEnquiry
E08519030Carbon Rod 3mm X 300mm Pk 20Enquiry

E09072000 : EB3 Electron beam source, spares, and accessories

Description Price
E08535000TEM magnetic grid holder  for Rotatilt3 Enquiry
E08569003Braid AssemblyEnquiry
E08570011Motor & Gearbox Rotatilt 3Enquiry
E085710003mm TEM Grid Holder For Rotatilt 3Enquiry
E08572000SEM Planetary Workholder For Rotatilt 3Enquiry
E08573000Plane Workholder For Rotatilt3Enquiry
E08664000FTM6 Film Thickness MonitorEnquiry
E08666000FTM5/FTM6/FTM7 Oscillator & CableEnquiry
E08667000FTM5/FTM6/FTM7 Crystal HolderEnquiry
E08667002Cable Assembly 750mm LongEnquiry
E08667018Spring Clip SpareEnquiry
E08668000Spare Crystals FTM5/6/7 Pk5Enquiry
E08669000FTM7 Film Thickness MonitorEnquiry
E08703047Cylinder Glass S150A/B ETD4 Scancoat 6Enquiry
E08703048Implosion Guard For S150AEnquiry
E08712072Copper Target For Scancoat 6 & S150BEnquiry
E08732000Platinum Target Scancoat 6 &S150BEnquiry
E08733000Gold/Palladium Target, SC6 & S150BEnquiry
E08734000Iron Target For Scancoat 6 & S150BEnquiry
E08741000Shutter For Scancoat 6 & S150BEnquiry
E08742000Metallurgical Sample Holder For S150BEnquiry
E09020000Bell Jar Lift For Auto306Enquiry
E09021000Plasmaglo glow-discharge accessory Enquiry

E10014000  and E10034000 : Electrical feed throughs

Description Price
E09023000Baffle plate Enquiry
E09024000Quartz Lamp Heater 500WEnquiry
E09025000DC glow discharge bar Enquiry
E09026000Radiant Heater For Auto 306Enquiry
E09027000Glass Cylinder Chamber Kit For Auto 306Enquiry
E09028000Filament Holder For Auto 306Enquiry
E09029000Rotatilt 3 work holder drive unit Enquiry
E09032000Manual Source shutter Enquiry
E09033000LT selector switch  Enquiry
E09035000HT/LT current controller Enquiry
E09037018Insulator Pvzm0300Enquiry
E09037019Insulator Pvzm0301Enquiry
E09037026Intermetallic Hearth Pk Of 5Enquiry
E09038000Four position turret resistance source Enquiry
E09038018Split Bush Female InsulatorEnquiry
E09038019Split Bush Male InsulatorEnquiry
E09038029Spare Flexible ConnectorEnquiry
E09039000Carbon evaporation source Enquiry
E09044000Electromagnetic Shutter ActuatorEnquiry
E09045000Electro Magnetic Source Shutter ControllerEnquiry
E09046000EB1 Electron Beam SourceEnquiry
E09049000Rotary Workholder For Auto306Enquiry
E09049000260mm rotary work holder Enquiry
E09052000HT Power Supply For Auto 306Enquiry
E09058000Workholder RingEnquiry
E09060000 3kW power supply for EB3, 50Hz Enquiry
E090610003kW power supply for EB3, 60Hz Enquiry
E09062000Top plate counterbalance Enquiry
E09063000100A/200A LT transformer  Enquiry
E09064000LT Transformer 10V 90A/30V 30AEnquiry
E09065000Auto Gas Bleed KitEnquiry
E09066000Work holder dome Enquiry
E09070000350A LT transformer  Enquiry
E09601250Carbon Fibre (length 3m)   Enquiry