TF500, TF600, TF800 Box Coaters

TF500, TF600, TF800 Box Coaters

Versatile box coaters with ion beam capability

The HHV TF500, TF600 and TF800 are developed for enhanced levels of process capability. A choice of chamber sizes and accessories, deposition techniques, work holders, load locks and pumping options allow the system to be configured to your exact needs. TF500 allows multiple sources to be accommodated while TF600 and TF800 add the benefits of ion beam processing. All systems are available with load lock options.

The range of process accessories includes resistance sources and electron beam sources, plus RF and DC sputter sources. Ion source options include RF and DC variants with narrow-beam for etch and broad-beam for surface modification.

Both systems are fitted with stainless steel chambers which have the high vacuum pump mounted on the rear. The top plate and bottom plates are designed specifically to give the optimum arrangement for each customer and can simultaneously accommodate resistance, e-beam and sputter sources. Dedicated sputter systems can be configured for upward or downward deposition.

Control options include a PLC-controlled vacuum system and manually-operated process accessories for simplicity, or a PC-based system which provides users with advanced functions such as recipe control and data logging. Pumping options include scroll pumps, dry turbo pumps and cryo pumps.

Wide range of chamber size options allows optimum source to substrate configurations
Resistance and electron beam evaporation
DC and RF sputtering with upward and download configuration
Ion beam sources for ion-assisted deposition
Load locks and sample handling
High temperature substrate heating to 900 deg. C
PLC control option for semi-automatic operation
PC control option for fully-automated deposition process with recipe control, data logging and system diagnostics
Choice of turbo pumps from 500 l/s to 2200 l/s
Choice of cryo pumps from 1500 l/s to 3500 l/s


Turbo pumps: 450 l/s mag-lev turbo, 500 l/s conventional turbo
Cryo pumps: 1500 l/s cryo pump
Backing / roughing: Rotary pump or dry scroll pump
Ultimate vacuum (typical for 500mm chamber): <5 x 10-7 mbar

TF600 and TF800

Turbo pumps: 1000 l/s to 2200 l/s mag-lev turbo
Cryo pumps: 1500 l/s or 3500 l/s cryo pump
Backing / roughing: Dry scroll pump
Ultimate vacuum (typical for 500mm x 600mm tall chamber): <5 x 10-7 mbar
Ion source: Industry standard broad beam or narrow beam, RF or DC operation
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